System authors

Stanisław Pa¶ko (ICM) -- design and implementation of the current system

dr Anna Psoda (ICM) -- University project coordinator, cross-department relations

Jan Rychter (ICM) -- design of the first version of the system


Pani mgr Jolanta Stępniak (Biblioteka UW) -- bibliography databases advisor

Pani mgr Maria Burchard (Biblioteka UW) -- bibliography databases advisor


Authors would like to additional thank:

prof. Michał Nawrocki (UW Physics Department) -- for help and support throughout the project,

prof. Marek Niezgódka (ICM) -- for understanding and accepting some ICM workers not doing their daily duties,

prof. Wojciech Maciejewski (UW pro-vice chancellor)-- for understanding and patience when some delays were encountered,

mgr Barbara Andrzejewska (UW BOB) -- for support during the projects realisation,

mgr Lidia Guzek -- for an exceptionally good cooperation on the UW faculty databases.